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Shopping Ban Update: Month Two

I’m two months into my shopping ban, and I haven’t had any real slip ups since I caved during the CJLA warehouse sale in July.

My skin has been all kinds of a mess, so I needed to invest in some new skincare products to take better care of my face. Since it wasn’t skincare that I was currently using, I didn’t have to wait until I was out of something. I spent about $12 total on a set of 12 sheet masks and a pack of 30 eye masks. I’ve been using the eye masks 1-2 times a week and the sheet masks once a week, and I’ve seen such an improvement in my skin. My face looks brighter, and no more bags under my eyes.


This month was not without temptation. J. Crew and Jack Rogers both had major sales. I went as far as adding items to my cart and going back and forth between colors before eventually closing out of the web page before checking out. Because as cute as they were, I really don’t NEED another pair of booties.


We’ve recently moved into a new apartment so there’s been a lot of furniture buying. I know furniture was on the approved list because I knew it was going to be a need in the near-ish future, but it still feels like a loss because even buying cheaper furniture isn’t cheap. Even though I’m on a pretty tight budget, I still feel like I’ve been picking quality pieces that will last.


Avoiding temptation is getting easier. Even if I find myself window shopping and adding items to my cart, I’ve been able to talk myself out of hitting purchase because at the end of the day, I know it’s not stuff that I really need. I’ve been a lot more conscious about my spending habit, which resulted in me saving a lot of money this month.


Shopping Ban One Month Update

It’s been one month since I started my year-long shopping ban. It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing, but I’m back on track.


I finished the pot of Estee Lauder moisturizer I was using. Instead of rushing out to buy the Olay moisturizer I want, I found another moisturizer I had stashed away that I’m going to use up instead.

I needed a dress to wear to a wedding this weekend. I thought about renting, but because I’m going straight from a work trip to the wedding, I would’ve needed an 8-day rental. Those start at $48. A lot of the shopping bans I’ve seen have been for minimalist reasons, since my motivations are more financial renting wasn’t the best choice for me. I found a great dress on Amazon for under $30 that I used gift cards for, costing me nothing out of pocket. And after I wear the dress this weekend, I’ll probably wash it and resell it to make some of that back. If you have an event coming up, I highly recommend this dress. It comes in a ton of colors, has pockets, and no one would guess you only paid $28 for it. I originally bought in a small, and ended up exchanging for an XS.


Only a couple weeks into my shopping ban, one of my favorite brands did a huge warehouse sale. They had all kinds of crazy markdowns on items I’d had my eye on and I caved and participated in the sale. In my first month I was up against the Nordstrom Sale, this warehouse sale, and Prime Day. I managed to avoid the NSale and Prime Day, but I was bound to fail somewhere.

What I’ve Learned

I’ve unsubscribed from all of the promotional emails I was receiving. If I’m not getting notifications about sales and great deals, it’s easier to avoid them and not think about browsing for something new I don’t need.

I’ve also muted some of my favorite Instagram accounts. I love following Carly Jean Los Angeles and a couple big fashion bloggers, but when all of their posts and stories are encouraging me to buy something or check out this item on sale, it’s too easy to swipe up. By avoiding these feeds, I’m avoiding a lot of temptation.

While I have made a couple really great purchases in the last few months (mostly jeans), most of the clothes I buy I don’t really love or eliminate the need for something else I already have in my closet.


Shopping Ban

I’ve been on serious spending spree lately for absolutely no reason. I wanted a new bathing suit to go to the beach with this week, and one thing lead to another I guess. Regardless of the why, it’s time for a little bit of a spending freeze. I’ve seen a lot of talk lately about doing a year long shopping ban from bloggers like Britt from Tiny Ambitions and Cait Flanders, and even author Ann Patchett. I’m at a point in my life where that’s something that I’d like to experiment with myself. Putting money towards things like a wedding and a house are things that are in my semi-near future so I’d really prefer to be saving my money instead of buying frivolous things.

I debated delaying the full on shopping ban until later in the year. My boyfriend and I will be moving in the next couple months, and we’re going to be starting over with a lot of our furniture. Our last place had a couch that was on its last leg and a lot of my parents’ old furniture so it’s time to start from scratch and really find our own style together as a couple, but that also requires shopping. But I didn’t want to keep making excuses and delaying it so I’m allowing furniture purchases in my rules.

My Shopping Ban Timeline

July 2, 2018 – July 2, 2019

The Goal

To save more money to put towards big purchases, and keep my closet from overflowing.

The Rules

What I’m allowed to shop for:

  • groceries and basic kitchen supplies
  • toiletries and cosmetics like toothpaste, shampoo, mascara, etc. (but only after I run out)
  • cleaning and household products (again, only after I run out of our current stock)
  • gifts for others
  • dress rentals for attending weddings (we have one coming up in August)
  • furniture for our new place

What I’m NOT allowed to shop for:

  • clothes
  • shoes
  • accessories (jewelry, scarves, bags, etc.)
  • books and notebooks
  • nail polish or any toiletries/cosmetics that I won’t use on a regular basis

What Now?

I’ll post an update at the beginning of each month with my thoughts and progress. And I’ll add any additional rules as questionable issues come up throughout the next year.

Have you ever done a shopping ban? What were your experiences like?